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Antibacterial Hand Disinfectant Gel - 500ml

Product with bactericidal, fungicidal and limited virusocidal action, with a scope of hygienic hand disinfection. This product is for external use only and has been dermatologically tested. The product is suitable for maintaining hygiene at work, traveling, after using public transport or during nature walks.

  • Ingredients: 72%Ethanol, Glycerin, Perfume


Ready-to-use product. Apply 3ml of the gel to your hands and rub it energetically for 60 seconds. Hands must remain moist all the time.


Keep away from children! Avoid direct eye contact! For external use only! The use of the product on irritated or damaged skin is not recommended! Flammable liquid Cat.2, H225, Eye irritation Cat.2, H319 H225: Highly flammable liquid. H319: Causes serious eye irritation.


Store in the original package at 5oC to 25oC. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Keep away from heat and sources of ignition.

Additional Information

Main Group: Disinfectants

Product Type: Human Hygiene

Sell Permit: №2712/ - 1/16.04.2020


One carton
12 pieces
1 pallet - 80 cartons
960 pieces